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  • Initial Assessment - what's covered?
    The initial assessment will consist of questions to fully understand you and your situation and then a comprehensive assessment will be completed to establish strength, balance, co-ordination, range of movement, neurological assessment plus any other relevant areas. This is to ensure your treatment plan addresses the specific problems you have so that you can reach your intended goal.
  • What treatments are included?
    The type of treatment given will be highly personalised and address the issues found at the initial assessment or during the course of the treatment. Typical treatments include a bespoke exercise programme to improve pain, strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination. Emily has experience of a wide range of exercise programmes including the Otago Balance Exercises and APPI Pilates. In addition to exercise treatment may include gait (walking) re-education and progression, assistance in improving functional ability such as practice on the stairs, walking outside or practising in and out of a car and manual therapy such as soft tissue release, massage and gentle joint mobilisations. As well as spascisty management, positioning in bed, and setting up passive exercise programmes for carers to complete.
  • What Areas do you cover?
    I am based in Harpenden and cover approximately 5 mile radius of the surrounding areas including St Albans, Sandridge, Markyate, Kimpton, Redbourn, Flamstead, Slip End, Wheathampstead, Caddington and Luton.
  • How do you ensure you are COVID compliant?
    I keep up to date with and follow all government guidelines. Before the initial visit you will need to complete a COVID declaration form and before each visit you will need to confirm that you or any memeber of your household does not have COVID symptoms, has not been in contact with anyone with COVID symptoms, has not travelled to a restricted area/country and has not been asked to isolate by track and trace. When I visit I wear full PPE as recommended by PHE which are gloves, apron and mask and before and after each visit I clean hands and sterilize any equipment. I also request that you and any member of your household in the same room wear a mask unless you are excempt for medical reasons.
  • How can I pay?
    You can pay by cash, card or cheque at the time of the visit or if you prefer I will post or email an invoice out every 2 weeks which you can pay by bank transfer.
  • Is there anything I need to do before my appointment?
    Yes, there are 2 forms to complete before your appointment. You can either complete them online on the booking page or print, sign and have ready for your appointment, they are: COVID DECLARATION FORM and CONSENT FORM which can be found HERE.


Harpenden - St Albans - Wheathampstead -Redbourn - Sandridge- Caddington
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